7 Days Until L-Beach! Hosted by Jenny Shimizu. Featuring Uh Huh Her, Betty and more!

Question: Are you excited about hosting L-Beach next week? Have you been practicing your German?

Jenny: “i’m super excited to host the l-beach! i love Germany and i can’t wait to get a bunch of birkenstocks for cheap. i’m not kidding. the musicians are really amazing and the amount of activities they provide there is incredible. my girlfriend and i plan to shoot archery and swim in the ocean during the few breaks we have from working. i also will be unleashing one of my new t-shirts for the ladies of europe and my new tote bags… i’m really looking forward to a mini-vacation, with a bunch of great bands, great people and EUROPE!! my German is horrible, but i plan to practice over the weekend. ich bin Jenny!!”

First Look: Jenny Shimizu Online .com (Homepage) by 30Seven Design

The OFFICIAL Jenny Shimizu WEBSITE has LAUNCHED! Complete with Jenny’s STORY, 5 REELS, 100+ IMAGES, never before seen WORDS (press), official place to buy MERCH and ways to CONTACT her!


FIRST LOOK: Cruisin for a Bruisin by Jenny Shimizu

“Girlfriends” by Catherine Opie at Gladstone Gallery, 2010 & New York Times Review by Linda Yablonsky

Jenny (Bed), 2009

Jenny, 2009

Artifacts | Catherine Opie’s ‘Girlfriends’ By LINDA YABLONSKY | MARCH 19, 2010, 2:46 PM

Catherine Opie knows women. Self-possessed, gender-defying women who favor piercings and tattoos, and run in her butch-lesbian-bondage crowd in Los Angeles. The kind of women who attract stares and sometimes abuse. Their hair-raising, Hans Holbein-inspired portraits in Opie’s breakout appearance at the 1995 Whitney Biennial, when “identity politics” were at their height, gave her a notoriety that sent her in pursuit of less polarizing subjects: surfers, California freeways, city skylines, grand western landscapes and even high school football players.

Now, two years after her retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum, Opie has returned to her community roots with “Girlfriends,” a knockout show of new and never-before-seen portraits at the Gladstone Gallery. Shot in her studio during formal sittings or more casually either outdoors or at home, they include some of her past subjects as they are now, even more tattooed, transgendered – and in the case of the bare-chested Pig Pen and Alexa – riveting. There are some familiar faces as well: “The L Word” star Kate Moenning blowing a perfect smoke ring, a serious k.d. lang, a leathered-up Jenny Shimizu astride her Ducati and, in another photo, coming on from her bed. These girls sure don’t cry. They owe nothing to nobody. They are who they are. If it’s an underground they represent, it’s getting a lot of fresh air in this blue-chip gallery.

The show also includes small black-and-white portraits from the early ’90s, pictures of boyish babes that Opie made as a freshman documentarian and has since been keeping to herself. They are by turns innocent, playful and frightening. All together, “Girlfriends” shows Opie continuing to explore the hidden territories behind constructed facades. Looking at her pictures can be uncomfortable, not because of their confrontational content but because they reveal as much about the beholder as the beheld.

“Girlfriends” is on view until April 24 at Gladstone Gallery, 515 West 24th Street.

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Photo by: Michael Crook

“Jenny Shimizu – the iconic supermodel, actress and media personality – continues to defy convention, and create a truly unique combination of beauty and strength.”

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