Cruisin for a Bruisin

Q: What makes you a motorcycle enthusiast?

Jenny: “i was born with the obsession for anything with a motor. i would pop open the hood of my dad’s volkswagen and pretend i was working on it when i was around 6 years old. all my cousins had yamaha or husquavarna enduros and they would take me on rides. i was too small to ride myself and i would feel like i was in heaven. i would fall asleep alot while holding onto them, cruising the trails up in northern california. once i was 10 my dad got forced into giving me and my sister 2 minibikes that my uncle made him take. that started the obsession with having my own bike and instantaneously started my rebel attitude. i often got pulled over by cops for riding my minibike on the public roads heading to the local circle k for candy. i also started taking my minibike apart because i wanted it to go faster. been along time since those days, 8 bikes later and many fractured and broken bones, i still ride. i can’t stop.”

Jenny and her Yamaha. Age 11. Summer of '78


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